Lovely Lofoten

The island chain Lofoten was on my to do list for a long time and in June it happened.
The first spot was the Haukland beach with a magnificent view of the bay it was a wonderful moment.
in the sunlight of the summer months, the turquoise shimmering water flashes, the white of the beach glows brightly and the striking cliffs that surround it appear almost shallow and lovely. The weather conditions changed every 10 minutes from hail to sunshine.


Since it never gets dark in summer in Norway it went at eleven o’clock at night on the mountain ryten where one has a breathtaking view on the Kvalvika beach. I was looking for a spot where the beautiful view shows to advantage.The hike to the beach takes about two hours and to the mountain another 2 hours, but it is worth it


The hike to Offersoykammen was especially difficult to find because it was hidden between trees. the hike was not very difficult, it can be done in an hour each way.Even if the summit is not even 450 m high, it offers a fantastic panoramic view


Of course a trip to Lofoten is nothing without the classics around Reine I don’t Need to write a lot beacuse the pictures speak their own language.lean back and enjoy this unique place.I’m just so impressed with the versatility of nature




As a hot tip to experience all the natural wonders in the Lofoten I can only recommend the Hattvika Lodge they are super beautifully furnished and is super central.can’t wait to spend the time there again it is like a small 2nd home for me.



I miss the time already on the Lofoten and i am sure i will soon be part of this unique landscape again. now since it’s your turn to share with me your moments of Lofoten what did you like best?









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